Sunday, April 26, 2015

2010-11 Brandon Dubinsky Road (season opener) Steiner

This is Brandon Dubinsky's debut 85th anniversary NY Rangers sweater worn against the Buffalo Sabres on 10/9/2010.  In 2010-11 the NY Rangers celebrated their 85th anniversary in the NHL by having an 85th anniversary patch adorn the right shoulder of their sweaters.  A few weeks later, they would unveil the beautiful Heritage jerseys as their alternate 3rd sweater.  Brandon Dubinsky had a wonderful night in this one game wonder sweater.  He scored 2 goals in this sweater logging a little over 18minutes of ice time. On a side note, Derek Stepan during his rookie debut in this game scored a hat trick.  The sweater exhibits good use which is not typical for a one game wonder.

The beautiful 85th anniversary NY Rangers patch adorns the right shoulder.

Dubi's typical NHL shield customization.. The NHL shield is trimmed for him so that it won't poke his neck
 Here are two photo's of Dubinsky wearing this sweater in Buffalo.

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