Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Hobby That I Love

Welcome to my New York Rangers game worn and authentic sweater collection. I have loved the New York Rangers and their hockey sweaters since I was a little boy and have been collecting sweaters for many years.  I built this page to share my game worn hockey sweaters with Rangers fans, hockey fans and anyone who enjoys collecting.  Many of my New York Rangers game worn sweaters were obtained at auction, the MeiGray group or Steiner Collectibles.  I will be posting all my sweaters in my collection here over the next few days and will add new sweaters as they are obtained.  I hope you will enjoy my hockey sweater collection as much as I do....   


  1. How are you,
    Your jerseys are incredible and I appreciate your love for the hobby. I stumbled upon your collection because I was wondering what size jersey McDonaugh wore because I wanted to get an authentic made up. I was lucky enough to get his and Stepans Wisconsin Badger jerseys. They are great players and your collection proves it! Good luck in your collecting

    1. Hi Ken,
      Thanks.. Much appreciated.. McDonagh wears a size 58 Reebok Edge 2.0 with customized sleeves..

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